Welcome to another educational edition of Fairy Dust Friday. Because a magical dating life is the best foundation to longer lasting, higher quality loving relationships. And how do I help women create a magical love life?

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So Jenn, why should smart successful single women use this dating method? Mantourage Dating is your opportunity to learn and remedy what is blocking you from having everything you want with men. I personally consider Mantourage Dating a very important spiritual journey that most women should have the pleasure of taking. Creating a mantourage heightens the magical experience by…. Helping you avoid Tunnel Vision, which is almost always the death of a relationship before it starts.

If you want me exclusively, then your offer better be damn good. It gives you the opportunity to really figure out what you want in a man or in a relationship. Every person you date will reveal something about you.

Especially about the barriers within yourself that you have built against love and having everything you want in love. Creating a mantourage is you proving to yourself that you are deserving and capable of having everything you want and desire in your romantic life.

We are designed to be adored and we thrive in it. Having more than one man to consider romantically helps ease your nerves and insecurities about dating and romantic connection. Mantourage dating teaches you that you can create the love life of your dreams at any point in your life. Mantourage dating helps you understand men much better than the average woman. It gives you the right foundation for a relationship with a man that will truly love, adore, and honor you on your terms.

Mantourage dating shows you that you never have to settle romanticallyand opens your eyes to exciting new possibilities in your love life. Mantourage dating opens up a world of communication possibilities with men. A world where you feel truly heard by men. It helps you uncover the playfulness in your life that makes you irresistible and unforgettable. And finally, Mantourage Dating can help you not only have the love and romance you dream of, but it will help you live the life of your dreams.

In the comments below list your top 3.I remember Sofia before wedding. Her style, her smile For example in and she was already Princess. But few moths ago she totally changes outside and inside. Yes, she's in many ways a different person -- in the manner of the way she presents herself including a complete departure from her former dress. Sofia has evolved. She has grown into her role as a member of the Royal Family and Swedish Princess. She is hard-working, dedicated to important causes, sincere and has become a credit to the Swedish Royal Family.

What Is Mantourage Dating™ And Why Smart Successful Single Women Should Do It

As we know, we don't always see this evolution in others even those born to the Manor Born. Sofia has always been picked on. From the moment she started dating Carl Philip. And from then on, she has not put a foot wrong. She is changing. She is definitely not the same person she was when she met him. She is a princess, a mother, a wife, an in-law, and a daughter. I would sincerely hope that I am not the same person I was before I married and had kids either.

I like myself better now. She is doing a fabulous job. I like her. They are all Swedish children I just met a Swedish lady today, without hearing her it came to my mind that she came from Sweden. Alexander definitely looks like the Bernadottes! With the cap on, he looks similar to Mini Victoria.Learn the basics of Mantourage Dating for single women and why all smart, professional, single women should do it in order to find true love. Now I know that many would argue with me about the moral aspects of dating more than one man at a time.

So I want to make it clear, I will not waste time arguing with anyone in regards to moral code. My personal belief is that we women have the right to choose our own magical dating experiences. And when we do we open floodgates for love. For me it started inwhen I decided to divorce my then husband. This is after 3 years of being married. We were constantly fighting. I also discovered that he was unfaithful — highly likely that it happened several times.

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So finally I decided to call it quits. At that point in time I also decided that if I was going to do love again, I was going to do it on my terms, because I was tired of the crappy terms I was getting. I had no idea exactly why I had such crappy relationships because I consider myself a really smart woman.

As I reentered the dating landscape, I knew this time I had to do it differently. I took it upon myself to not run into exclusivity. I started dating multiple men and having these magical experiences. However it was a great starting point. Before we talk about what Mantourage Dating means for you, we need to address what Mantourage dating is not.

Mantourage Dating does not mean that you have to sleep with multiple men. This is a very personal choice: one that should only be made in integrity with who you are, what you want and also always using protection. Personally, I was unable to have several sexual relationships.

Why successful, professional, single women should do this. If you are a woman in your mid-thirties up into your forties — this is the sweet spot for dating. The age of women that I really love to work with.

Constantly trying to figure him out. Mantourage Dating, on the other hand, will give you the opportunity to see different men in different light, allow your romantic soul to start to relax and und erstand that at the core of everything, you were made to be an adored woman. We women spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of energy on creating everything we want.

We have a place in society that is undeniable. We need to allow ourselves to be wooed, to be courted to be loved, cherished, and adored, AND to do it on our own terms this time. You learn really good romantic boundaries with men. You are going to give yourself a permission to create what you want and feel supported by the world; feel supported by the universe; feel supported by your higher power and allow yourself to fall in love.

So those barriers that Rumi was talking about start to dissolve. Plus you get to be everything and have everything that you want romantically without having to force the situation.

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Okay Lovergirl, thank you taking the time to find out a bit about Mantourage Dating. Mantourage Dating rocked my world and I know it can do the same for you. Ready to build your very own Mantourage? It does however mean much, much more than that. Stop looking for love. Love is already all around you.Please upgrade to watch video. The requested video is unable to play. The video does not exist in the system. Please disable your ad blocker on CNBC and reload the page to start the video.

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Recommendations provided for food and sights to see were great. Providing phone and hotel contacts were great so we could inform them we would be checking in late. We had a lot of questions in planning for the trip and Dagny was there with us throughout the process answering every question in detail patiently.

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Princess Sofia, Alexander and Gabriel visited Mantorp Park

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#FairyDustTV Episode 1, Mantourage Dating And Why Smart, Professional Women Do It

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