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Wix Help Center. Sorry, we couldn't find any results for that query. Please try a new one! Try using different search terms or browse the categories. Wix currently allows you to receive payment through a variety of payment providers, depending on your location.

Click here to view the full list of providers available. We are constantly working to add additional payment providers and we'd like to hear from you. Click a payment provider listed below to vote for it:. Multiple Countries. United Kingdom. Latin America. Can't find the provider you want on the list?

If you want to request another payment provider, please submit a ticket. Did this help? Yes x-icon No Thanks for your feedback! Thanks, we'll pass on your feedback to improve our services. Accepting Payments on Your Wix Site. Accepting Payments by Credit Card. Hire a Wix Partner Get help with your website's design, marketing and small tasks from a professional freelancer or agency. Start Now.September 14, If you run any kind of online business in Malaysiayou'll need a payment gateway.

A payment gateway can provide your customers with a secure way to make payments on your store. Needless to say, picking a secure and reliable payment gateway can be vital to the success of your online business. So, if you are running an e-commerce website e. ShopifyEasyStoregaming app, or any kind of online business, and want to start receiving payments from customers in Malaysia, or all over the world, here are the payment gateways you can consider using:.

Fees - Cost is inevitably one of the biggest factors when considering a payment gateway. The last thing you want is to see your profits sliced smaller because of fat fees. Security - It goes without saying that security is the key feature of any payment gateway. Your payment gateway partner should have all security protocols in place, and are compliant with local regulations.

Reliability - Reliable payment gateway helps keep your customer experience great. Too many failed payments can give your customers a poor experience, and make them turn them to your competitors instead. Supported currencies - When the payment gateway supports the currency you're selling in, your customers will be able to make payments in their currency.

Other than that, you'll save on conversion fees on settlement. Fraud prevention - The best payment gateways not only keeps your customer payments secure, but also protects merchants from fraudulent transactions. Developer friendly - Developer-friendly payment gateways make it easy and affordable for you to customise the payment gateway to the needs of your online business. Payment options - The payment gateway should have options that support your business model. For e.

Platform integration - If you are integrating the payment gateway with an e-commerce platform, make sure to find out if there is a native integration available. Native integrations help reduce payment errors on your customer's end. As such, it's one of the most fully developed payment gateway you can find around.

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With iPay88, you can accept payments via FPX, credit cards and even popular e-wallets. Depending on the package you go for, you can accept single payments, recurring payments as well as payments by instalment plans.August 24, E-commerce platforms like Shopify and EasyStore make it easy for even the least tech savvy of us to launch our own e-commerce website.

Their powerful e-commerce features and affordable monthly pricing make them two of the most popular e-commerce solutions in Malaysia. But which should you use to set up your e-commerce website? How do these platforms compare to one another in ?

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In this review, we'll compare Shopify and EasyStore's key features to help you make an informed decision on which to go with. Shopify and EasyStore are e-commerce website builders that allows you to build your own e-commerce website quickly without any coding skills. Shopify is a Canada-based company whereas EasyStore is home-grown here in Malaysia.

Each platform offers individuals and businesses features that will help you to build an e-commerce website from A to Z by yourself. With Shopify or EasyStore, you get:. If you don't need a high level of customisation on your store, you can usually set up your store on either platform without hiring a web programmer, or designer.

Cost is unavoidably one of the first things individuals and businesses consider before pulling the trigger on a platform. So let's start by taking a look at Shopify and EasyStore's pricing, then comparing the two.

Shopify offers five pricing tiers. The most common three are:. Shopify also charges a transaction fee between 0. If you don't want to get charged a transaction fee, however, you can opt to use Stripe payment gateway on your store. Unlike Shopify, EasyStore doesn't charge a transaction fee for sales made on the platform. This is a key pricing difference between EasyStore and Shopify. Basic Shopify and EasyStore Lite are both starter plans offer by each platform.

They are usually the best fit for hobbyists as well as businesses who are just starting out, or testing e-commerce in general. For those on a smaller budget, EasyStore Lite can be a cost-effective solution to kickstart your e-commerce journey. Basic Shopify gives you POS and mobile app access, unlimited product uploads, unlimited app integrations and abandoned cart recovery feature. On the EasyStore Lite plan, you'll be locked out of its abandoned cart recovery feature as well as POS and mobile app access.

7 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Startups in Malaysia (Reviews 2020)

Your product uploads are capped at and integrations at 5. While Basic Shopify does give more features compared to EasyStore Lite, you have to keep in mind that it comes at twice the cost. If you don't need POS access and don't have more than 1, products and want to integrate with less than 5 apps though, EasyStore Lite's plan is a pretty affordable option. Shopify and EasyStore Standard are both standard plans offered by each platform.

They are usually best for growing e-commerce stores which need a bit more in terms of limits and features.Are you ready to find out if SimpleSite is simply the best builder for you? Sit back and strap in as we take you through features, ease of use, pricing, and more!

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Unsurprisingly, this is where SimpleSite really shines. It lives up to its name, giving its users a straightforward and easy way to build basic websites. SimpleSite values pleasure over perfection, which shows in its simple editor.

If you want more freedom, builders like Wix or Squarespace are much better suited for your needs. SimpleSite then guides you through the building process — you simply choose your color scheme, add images, a title, and domain name, then create a login. This final step automatically publishes your sitewhich you can then go back and finish editing.

In one round of testing, it took us a long time just to work out how to edit text before publishing our site, which should be easy! SimpleSite claims you can build a site within a matter of minutes. In our testing, we found that in reality, this is likely to turn into two hours assuming you want a well-rounded website. SimpleSite might be simple to build, but how will your website look?

The truth is, design is the price you pay for the straightforward editor. Once you have your theme, customization is pretty basic. The good news is that despite its rather roundabout way of doing things, SimpleSite does make it very easy to add elements, such as text and images.

Wix and Squarespace, for example, are more like Lego — still easy for beginners, but with the potential for more freedom, imagination, and impressive results. Unfortunately, SimpleSite has a pretty limited range of featuresmaking it less than ideal for ambitious websites.

The features it does include, however, provide a good basis for hobby websites and budding projects. The free plan is generous in what it offers, with ecommerce and mobile optimization both coming as standard. Ecommerce capability is usually reserved for paying customers, so offering it free of charge really makes SimpleSite stand out from its competitors.

Overall, SimpleSite is very generous with its five product ecommerce feature on its free planwhich makes it a great choice for making money from your hobby. On-the-Go Mobile Optimization Most website builders offer mobile-optimized templates, so that your site will automatically look great on any screen. SimpleSite is no different, but where it really sets itself apart is with its on-the-go mobile website editor.October 5, For Malaysians who want to create their own site, Wix is one of the first solutions to come to mind.

It's a drag-and-drop site builder packed with powerful features that allows anyone to launch a complete, fully functioning website in a short amount of time. Wix's easy-to-use interface also makes it one of the most popular site builders in the world. According to BuiltWith, Wix powers almost 4 million sites around the world.

In this review, we'll take a look at Wix's best features as well as its limitations to help you decide if you should jump onboard one of their premium plans. Wix is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop site-builder solution.

It is designed for people and businesses with no programming and web design experience to get their site up and running quickly. Wix will even host your site for you, so you can say goodbye to troublesome server maintenance work, site backup hassles and security headaches. Your Wix site will also be on a Content Delivery Network CDNwhich means your site will load at blazing speeds no matter where you are in the world even in Malaysia! Launch your website on Wix today. This plan includes everything in Combo, except now you get unlimited bandwidth no cap on the number of visitors1 hour of video as well as 2 extra apps.

This plans includes everything under Unlimited, plus 2 video hours, professional logo, and priority support. All plans come with online payment acceptance, connected domain, free domain for 1 year, unlimited bandwidth, and no ads. This plan comes with 20GB storage, 5 video hours and 2 premium apps.

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Includes everything in Business Basic, but with 35GB storage, 10 video hours, pro e-commerce features and professional logo. Includes everything in Business Unlimited, but with 50GB storage, unlimited video hours, pro e-commerce features, and priority support.

Wix Free Plan vs Premium Plans. If you're on Wix's free plan now, you might be curious about the difference between Wix free and premium.

Based on Wix's own comparison between its free and premium plansthe key differences is that the free plan:. While there are some limitations, Wix's free plan can be a good starting point to get an idea of how you can use Wix. It's also great if you just need a temporary site set up. It can also be a great place for people on the fence about Wix and want to evaluate if the software is good.

Wix's site-builder is one of the most flexible I've seen - on top of a conventional, template-based site-builder, you can even take advantage of Wix's AI builder ADI, to personalise a template for you. When it comes to site templates, Wix's are at the cutting edge - modern, clean, sharp and uncluttered. You can get a pretty site up and running fairly quickly using one of Wix's templates.

Wix's SEO capabilities has always up for debate.

Wix eCommerce - Set up Your Wix Payments Account

For years, Wix's SEO features were considered very weak. It does integrate with Stripe and PayPal. For e-commerce, you're better off building your site on top of a more versatile solution like Shopify or EasyStore. Drop shipping is one of the hottest trends right now.

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If you're interested to use Wix's eCommerce stores to start your own drop shipping business, good news: Wix integrates with Modalyst for drop shipping. Wix mailboxes are Wix's answer to a professional looking email address. GSuite mailboxes are one of the best in the market, so you're pretty much set if you jump on Wix's Mailboxes.

Wix's specialty is in helping non-technical people launch modern looking, highly functional sites at an affordable price.We understand the tremendous challenges the Coronavirus pandemic is causing for people and small businesses across the world. Please provide specific details regarding your issue or request, such as:.

To learn more about Squarespace Select, our premium plan for dedicated site support, visit this Help guide. If you still have questions about the Select plan, complete the fields below to send us a message. To activate Squarespace Commerce and start accepting payments, connect a payment processor in Payment Settings.

After you connect a payment processor, customers will see its payment options at checkout. You can connect StripePayPalor both. Choosing which processor to use for your online store depends on a few factors, like where you're located and which payment methods you want to offer. This guide covers these options and tips on selecting the best one for your needs.

Payment processors in Commerce are separate from any other payment processors you have connected to Squarespace, such as in Scheduling. In the Home Menuclick Commerceand then click Payments. Connecting Stripe lets customers pay with their debit and credit card without creating or logging into an account. Stripe accepts payments from these cards:. You can also accept Apple Pay from customers checking out on a supported device.

After connecting your Stripe account, you'll receive a confirmation email from Squarespace. The Payments section of your checkout page will look like this:. The available currencies depend on the location of the bank account connected to your Stripe account. For more information, visit Supported countries and currencies for Squarespace Commerce.

You can connect a Stripe account to a trial site and run orders in test mode. It isn't possible to process payments on a trial site. After connecting your store to a PayPal account, you'll receive a confirmation email from Squarespace.

Customers on mobile devices will also see the option to check out with Venmo. You can use any of our supported currencies with your PayPal Business account. PayPal is popular internationally, while Stripe lets customers pay with debit and credit cards without creating or logging into an account. By offering both, you support customers checking out with their preferred payment method. To connect Stripe and PayPal, your country must be supported by both payment processors.

With Squarespace Point of Saleyou can use Square to process in-person cash and card payments that integrate with your online store.

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In addition to our guides and video tutorials, we offer other resources to help you get the most out of your Squarespace online store:.There are so many Ecommerce platforms available in the market.

It is difficult for beginners to decide which platform to use. We have shortlisted the 7 best Ecommerce platforms in Malaysia and analyse their core strength for you. The overall best ecommerce platform in Malaysia is Sitegiant. We compared and reviewed these ecommerce platforms on a few factors including user-friendliness, core features and functions, strength and weaknesses, and price. Sitegiant is the leading Ecommerce platform in Malaysia with more than active merchants and 1.

It is our best overall local Ecommerce platform because it is affordable, user-friendly and feature-packed. We think it is a great choice for startups with a small budget. SiteGiant provides free real-life training workshop for anyone who signs up an account with them. You can join the training again for no charges.

The training will guide customers on how to properly set up their webstore, implement payment and shipping options, webstore designing as well as how to sync product to various marketplaces. If you have done some researched, you will find out most of its competitors only provide online training and support. Sitegiant comes with a drag-and-drop layout builder. It is not really that special.

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Online website builders like Wix and Squarespace have such function. However, this feature is absent in other local ecommerce platform. So, this feature is a huge time and cost saver. Sitegiant can sync to almost every known marketplace in Malaysia. It is simply the best in terms of marketplace syncing feature. At the same time, users also can sync to overseas marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

Store owners also can customize product pricing individually on different marketplaces if needed.

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