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.50 Cal. Rifle On A Budget

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Remington R2Mi .50 BMG Bolt-Action Rifle – First Look

Skip to main content Skip to search. Close Reset. Designed to be used with a suppressor, this rifle allows you to combine signature reduction capabilities with the flawless reliability of the original Barrett M, but with a weight reduction of 5 pounds. An all new bolt carrier group has been designed and is key to making the rifle suppressor ready.

Its steel four port cylindrical muzzle brake is engineered to work seamlessly with a quick attach Barrett QDL Suppressor. The lightweight aluminum upper receiver features an integrated 27 MOA optics rail. BattleHawk Armory Compare prices for this product DK Sporting Goods Compare prices for this product Prepper Gun Shop Compare prices for this product Guns Midwest Compare prices for this product Gunprime Compare prices for this product The Steyr HS50 is one of the finest, most accurate.With the demise of Bushmaster a hole appeared in the Remington portfolio.

With Bushmaster went their. So, Remington has responded by fill this gap with their new R2Mi. Until samples are actually available we only have the specifications released with the announcement.

50 bmg rifle accessories

The heart of the rifle is a beefy bolt-action design with a lower receiver machined from T-6 aluminum billet. In profile it resembles an over-size AR and has an inline configuration. What is interesting is the bolt handle is placed on the left side of the rifle, rather than the right. Yet it is ejects on the right side of the action. As this is not a piece you will be shooting offhand, it makes sense.

The left-side placed bolt handle allows faster cycling by a right-handed shooter when firing prone or off a rest. The controls are placed similar to an AR which will reduce training time. The design is fed from a round detachable box magazine. Take-down is claimed to be similar to an AR, again to reduce training time.

The inch long Match grade barrel is free-floated to enhance accuracy and features a 1 turn in 15 inches 8-groove rifling twist. The upper receiver features an integral M rail for easy mounting of optical sights and the handguard has a matching height M rail as well.

This allows easy mounting of night vision devices, laser rangefinders or other accessories. The handguard also has what appears to be a spigot type bipod mount. A steel bipod is standard. An ErgoGrip Deluxe Tactical pistolgrip is fitted and the aluminum parts are hard anodized Type 3 green finish.

The metal parts all receive a manganese phosphate finish. For that you get the rifle, a Pelican hard case, two round magazines, cable lock and even ear and eye protection.Call Us: International shipping is not available. View Cart 0.

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Toggle navigation. Rifle Accessories. Filter Your Results. Search results:. Fieldcraft MA1 Model 82A1 Model 95 Model 98B Model 99 MRAD REC7 Products per page: 12 24 48 Barrel Springs, Model 82A1.

50 bmg rifle accessories

Case, 60" Drag Bag, Tan. Cleaning Kit.

50 bmg rifle accessories

Cleaning Rod, Dewey, One-Piece. Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro Mount.

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Drag Bag, Black. Drag Bag, OD Green. Firing Pin Assembly, Model Kit Webbing Accessory Black. Kit, Muzzle Brake. Kit, Muzzle Brake. Large Muzzle Pouch, Black.To order simply send us an email, by clicking on the link below. We will reply with availability and payment information. You can also call us at or FAX your order to E-mail "Sales--AT--bmgparts.

15 Best 50 BMG Rifles For Sale in 2020

Browning M2HB. No Exports! Browning Machine Gun. Click on image to enlarge Sight, Rear, M2HB. Screw for full. Click on image to enlarge A New Condition. Spring Kit, M2HB. Pin, Cotter, Browning Machine Gun. Browning Machine Gun Cotter Pins. All Models. Specify size or purpose. Back Plate Grip Assembly, M2. Sleeve, Buffer Tube, M2.

M2 Buffer Tube Sleeve. M2 or M3 Grip Set Parts, includes upper and lower frameset of tubes and screws Frame, Upper,M2HB. Frame, Lower,M2HB. Tube, Grip,M2HB.The cartridge itself has been made in many variants: multiple generations of regular balltracerarmor-piercing APincendiaryand saboted sub-caliber rounds.

The rounds intended for machine guns are made into a continuous belt using metallic links. A wide variety of ammunition is available, and the availability of match grade ammunition has increased the usefulness of. John Browning had the idea for this round during World War I in response to a need for an anti-aircraft weapon, based on a scaled-up.

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The development of the. According to the American Rifleman : "Actually, the Browning. American interest in an armor-piercing cartridge was influenced by the marginal French 11 mm design, prompting U. Army Ordnance officers to consult Browning. They wanted a heavy projectile at feet per second f.

50 bmg rifle accessories

Browning pondered the situation and, according to his son John, replied, 'Well, the cartridge sounds pretty good to start. You make up some cartridges and we'll do some shooting. The American Rifleman further explains that development was "[r]eputedly influenced by Germany's Subsequently, Frankford Arsenal took over from Winchester, producing the historic. The Army then returned to John Browning for the actual gun.

Teamed with Colt, he produced prototypes ready for testing and, ironically, completed them by Nov. The round was put into use in the M Browning machine gun.

Browning M2HB .50 Caliber Machine Gun

This gun was later developed into the M2HB Browning which with its. The concept of a. During World War II the. Since the mids, some armored personnel carriers and utility vehicles have been made to withstand It still has more penetrating power than lighter weapons such as general-purpose machine gunsthough it is significantly heavier and more cumbersome to transport.

Its range and accuracy, however, are superior to light machine guns when fixed on tripods, and it has not been replaced as the standard caliber for Western vehicle-mounted machine guns Soviet and CIS armored vehicles mount But then want and need are entirely different things.

You might just want to tick that 50 Cal box.

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You might want to know what it feels like to own the ultimate weapon. Or you might have a compound in Arizona that you really want to keep trespassers off. Whatever your personal gig, this will be the jewel in the crown of a pretty epic collection. So what are the leading 50 Cals in ? Here are our personal nominations. Some of them are cheaper than you might think.

These are not standard. So where do you buy one? Also organize the list from price low to high and you might find a discount on a weird color or configuration. Again, this special ammo is getting easier to find, but you can still save money with these awesome links. Hornady Match and Federal American Eagle are two names to look out for. Finally we had to give the best-selling Bushmaster BA50 the kudos it deserves. For the average consumer, this is the best 50 Cal you can buy.

If you are planning a 6 Underground style private army, stick with the battle proven expensive alternative. But if you just want to enjoy your hobby and money is even a thing in your life, it has to be the Bushmaster. Bushmaster Firearms made its name with cheap ARs for saleas well as the actual Bushmaster hunting round. It is also known in gaming circles, from the Warface franchise.

Gamers think 50 Cals work a little different. The Bushmaster mechanism is on the left-hand-side for smooth ejection. That comes attached to a 30 inch barrel with 8-groove rifling and a inch twist rate that Bushmaster believes is the right set-up. That is actually big capacity when it comes to magazine capacity. The Bushmaster BA50 also comes at sensible money. Kind of. Nothing is cheap here, but the Bushmaster BA50 is about as affordable it gets.

So save up your gift cards, maybe…. Gun parts and even 50 Cal ammo could get cheaper with the likes of the Bushmaster joining the shooting sports fold. The Barrett MA1 has become the face of the movement and the star of civilian gun safes everywhere.

The MA1 semi-auto rifle is the new flagship and you can buy it with your credit card. If you want to go further, there is a 29 inch version that hits harder and further. The Air Force and Navy often carry one. Barrett is simply a part of any war effort now. The MA1 is now a ubiquitous firearm that almost every military and tactical law enforcement team has on standby.

Or a bear.

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